“Even though Mother has gone to be with the Lord, you still remember to call and comfort me. This means a lot to know you care so much.”

Our Philosophy

The Hospice Philosophy is an important one which respects the rights of the patient and their family, while striving to achieve excellence in its set objectives. Providing good physical care, relief of pain and other symptoms during illness without great mental or physical incapacitation is our primary goal. We provide ongoing emotional support to patients and their family caregivers throughout their illness.

Your Care is Our Priority

Our Medical Directors are available full-time to make home visits, consult with other physicians and act as a resource for our nurses, as well as being on-call nights and weekends. Your loved one’s regular nurse will also be their personal case manager, ensuring that your loved one receives continuity of care and builds a relationship with their nurse- receiving the highest quality of care. Home Health Aides are available throughout the week to provide personal care. We offer easy access to our full-time social workers and chaplains as well. It is our priority to do everything we can to ancipate and meet your needs, allowing you to spend more time making the moments you have matter!