Bereavement Program

Bereavement Program

Hospice deals with expected deaths resulting from a progressive illness. Physician’s Choice Hospice views grief and mourning as the natural, expected and reactionary process to death. The bereavement coordinators work closely with the hospice team to support families as they experience grief associated with the decline and death of their loved one. Our bereavement support program offers surviving family members and friends a chance to develop a better understanding of the grief process. Our services do not end with a death. For many people experiencing grief, it’s just the beginning. We offer support and encouragement through the bereavement  program. Hospice encourages the expression of grief and recognizes cultural variables in bereavement. The hospice bereavement program offers bereavement follow-up to its families for a minimum of 13 months following a death. ‘Wings of Love Butterfly Release’ is a celebration of life where grieving families can release a LIVE butterfly in memory of a loved one. Physician’s Choice Hospice believes that walking through grief can be a difficult journey that families don’t have to take alone. We provide an opportunity for families to participate in a ceremony that encourages healing. Native American Legend States “Whisper a thought to a butterfly and she will carry that message to the heavens.”

 Our bereavement support program helps patients:

  • Share your grief journey
  • Grow through listening and supporting others
  • Understand normal grief reactions
  • Move through the grief process
  • Begin to heal

We offer bereavement support through the following services:

  • Individual visits
  • Telephone contact
  • Mail / Emails
  • Memorials at nursing facilities
  • Annual ‘Wings of Love Butterfly Release’ Ceremony