Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music can provide a powerful voice and validation to thoughts and feelings that often arise when facing a life limiting illness.  The music therapy program forms a therapeutic bond with the patient and family and offers support from the time of admission through the last moments of life.

Music Therapy is a patient-centered, non-invasive treatment designed to alleviate pain and stress, effectively manage physical symptoms, facilitate emotional expression, enhance mood, stimulate memory recall, and provide unique opportunities for interaction and emotional intimacy.  Music brings us a sense of comfort, completeness and wholeness.  Music supports, it connects, it stimulates, it relaxes, it encourages, it expresses, it consoles.

Music Therapy provides the most benefit to patients who:

  • Lack social interaction or sensory stimulation
  • Experience pain and symptoms that are difficult to control through typical medical interventions
  • Feel anxious or are affected by dementia
  • Look for a concrete means of coping, or to define or articulate their feeling or thoughts
  • Face communication problems due to physical or intellectual impairments
  • Need spiritual support, possibly involving other family members

Enjoy music to enhance their quality of life or maintain dignity.