Bridge Program

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a specialized option for chronically ill patients who need skilled symptom management, but are not yet ready for hospice or who do not meet the criteria for hospice.

These patients often have life-threatening diseases that are expectant to be terminal, but they are not emotionally ready for hospice, do not fit strict hospice eligibility criteria, or else are not ready to give up curative treatment.

The goals for The Bridge Program are to create a safe place for patients to explore life transition issues, provide an additional viewpoint in considering treatment decisions and get patients and families more comfortable with hospice philosophy and hospice personnel.

The Bridge Program provides the following:

  • Nurse visits weekly to monitor for change of condition
  • Individualized care planning and assessment
  • Collaboration with your physician in developing and monitoring goals appropriate for your condition
  • Emotional support to help cope with the impact of a serious illness
  • Information and coordination regarding community resources
  • Symptom and pain management
  • Spiritual support
  • Social workers and/or chaplains are initiated on a case by case situation