Specialized Programs

Physician’s Choice Hospice knows that there are other vital aspects to caring for individuals with terminal illnesses in addition to the medical attention we provide. We offer specialized Programs that are focused on one’s “Quality of Life” so that they can make the most of their time. These wonderful programs are designed to assist in the transition for those not yet ready for hospice, provide pain management therapies in creative, non-invasive manner, to provide comfort and enjoyment and more. See our list of programs available below and click any link to find out more information about each one.

  • Bridge Program

    The Bridge Program is a specialized option for chronically ill patients who need skilled symptom management, but are not yet ready for hospice or who do not meet the criteria for hospice. These patients often have life-threatening diseases that are expectant to be terminal, but they are not emotionally ready for hospice, do not fit strict hospice eligibility criteria, or else are not ready to give up curative treatment. The goals for The Bridge Program are to create a safe place for patients to explore life transition issues, provide an additional viewpoint in considering treatment decisions and get patients and families more comfortable with hospice philosophy and hospice personnel.

    The Bridge Program provides the following:

    • Nurse visits weekly to monitor for change of condition
    • Individualized care planning and assessment
    • Collaboration with your physician in developing and monitoring goals appropriate for your condition
    • Emotional support to help cope with the impact of a serious illness
    • Information and coordination regarding community resources
    • Symptom and pain management
    • Spiritual support
    • Social workers and/or chaplains are initiated on a case by case situation
    Bridge Program
  • Music Therapy

    Music can provide a powerful voice and validation to thoughts and feelings that often arise when facing a life limiting illness.  The music therapy program forms a therapeutic bond with the patient and family and offers support from the time of admission through the last moments of life. Music Therapy is a patient-centered, non-invasive treatment designed to alleviate pain and stress, effectively manage physical symptoms, facilitate emotional expression, enhance mood, stimulate memory recall, and provide unique opportunities for interaction and emotional intimacy.  Music brings us a sense of comfort, completeness and wholeness.  Music supports, it connects, it stimulates, it relaxes, it encourages, it expresses, it consoles. Music Therapy provides the most benefit to patients who:
    • Lack social interaction or sensory stimulation
    • Experience pain and symptoms that are difficult to control through typical medical interventions
    • Feel anxious or are affected by dementia
    • Look for a concrete means of coping, or to define or articulate their feeling or thoughts
    • Face communication problems due to physical or intellectual impairments
    • Need spiritual support, possibly involving other family members
    Enjoy music to enhance their quality of life or maintain dignity.  
    Music Therapy
  • Butterfly Wishes

    Physician’s Choice Hospice is taking the care it provides terminally ill patients one step further with a new program aimed at providing significant small wishes to help brighten the end of life journey. This program is called ‘Butterfly Wishes’… wishes with wings.  As an example, a patient who is an avid bird watcher but who may not be able to participate in that activity any longer, a trip to the Zoo may be arranged so the patient and family would be able to experience the zoo together, giving them a last, memorable experience.  Physician’s Choice Hospice staff and volunteers oversee the ‘ Butterfly Wishes’ program, which helps fulfill meaningful last requests of hospice patients. The staff and volunteers help coordinate wishes all of them leaving a lasting impression on those who witness these significant moments. Once a request is made or a need is perceived, the staff springs into action, assembling all the components of the wish by contacting local businesses and individuals for donations.

    Small wishes include but not limited to:

    • Movie
    • Dancing
    • Shopping trip
    • Pedicure /Manicure
    • Graduation of a child
    • A Family meal / Reunion
    • Limousine / Motorcycle ride
    • Tickets for local college / Professional sporting event
    Butterfly Wishes
  • Still Cooking

    ‘Still Cooking’ is a therapeutic cooking program for hospice patients. Cooking is a means of creative expression; remembering a happier time, maintaining independence or developing a sense of self-worth. Our hospice patients enjoy remembering special recipes they made for their families before their illness became debilitating. ‘Still Cooking’ can also double as group therapy. Cooking allows patients to share stories and recipes they made during  healthier times.

    Benefits of ‘Still Cooking’

    • Sense of value / accomplishment
    • Provide a sense of reminisce
    • Provide a sense of contributing
    • Enhance mental, social and emotional health
    • Develop competence, self-esteem and self-worth
    • Gain a sense of independence
    • Nurturing through food
    • Provide opportunities for social interaction
    • Provide emotional release
    • Experience pleasure, life satisfaction and enhance the quality of life.
    Still Cooking
  • Bereavement Program

    Hospice deals with expected deaths resulting from a progressive illness. Physician’s Choice Hospice views grief and mourning as the natural, expected and reactionary process to death. The bereavement coordinators work closely with the hospice team to support families as they experience grief associated with the decline and death of their loved one. Our bereavement support program offers surviving family members and friends a chance to develop a better understanding of the grief process. Our services do not end with a death. For many people experiencing grief, it’s just the beginning. We offer support and encouragement through the bereavement  program. Hospice encourages the expression of grief and recognizes cultural variables in bereavement. The hospice bereavement program offers bereavement follow-up to its families for a minimum of 13 months following a death. 'Wings of Love Butterfly Release’ is a celebration of life where grieving families can release a LIVE butterfly in memory of a loved one. Physician’s Choice Hospice believes that walking through grief can be a difficult journey that families don't have to take alone. We provide an opportunity for families to participate in a ceremony that encourages healing. Native American Legend States "Whisper a thought to a butterfly and she will carry that message to the heavens."

     Our bereavement support program helps patients:

    • Share your grief journey
    • Grow through listening and supporting others
    • Understand normal grief reactions
    • Move through the grief process
    • Begin to heal
    We offer bereavement support through the following services:
    • Individual visits
    • Telephone contact
    • Mail / Emails
    • Memorials at nursing facilities
    • Annual ‘Wings of Love Butterfly Release’ Ceremony
    Bereavement Program
  • Massage Therapy

    Massage is one of those curious human interactions which differ in their effect, depending on the intent with which they are performed and received.  The reason why touch is so powerful is based on the recognition that tactile experiences are the first sensations which greet us at birth. They are also the last perceptions to leave us when we die. Touch has been known to create a rise in blood pressure of people in a deep coma and to penetrate the nonverbal state of late stage Alzheimer’s patients who, suddenly during a massage, may blurt out a sentence like, “Oh, this feels good,” only to return immediately into their silent world.  By the same token, touch can penetrate the semi-comatose state produced by a painkiller and give the treatment the added value of human contact.  


    • Reduces Pain
    • Improves Self-Reported Symptoms
    • Physical and Psychological Relief
    • Heightens Peacefulness
    • Decreases Anxiety
    • Restores Emotional Balance and Physical Comfort
    • Reduces Stress
    • Possible reduction in Pain Medication
    Massage Therapy
  • Pet Therapy

    The therapeutic use of pets as companions has gained increasing attention in recent years for a wide variety of patients. Unlike people, with whom our interactions may be quite complex and unpredictable, animals provide a constant source of comfort and focus for attention. Animals bring out our nurturing instinct. They also make us feel safe and unconditionally accepted. We can just be ourselves around our pets. Animals are tools for therapy because they can make people feel safe and loved when they have been deprived of social interaction.  Animals provide comfort and unconditional love.

    Physician’s Choice Hospice Pet Therapy Program  is for all hospice patients. Our Team  and their Volunteer Pet Therapy animals visit patients in their own homes, in assisted living and care facilities. We see such a difference in our patients when our Pet Volunteers visit as they provide comfort and a sense of well-being to our patients.  Hospice Pet Therapy utilizes an interdisciplinary team holistic approach to patient care in all areas the patient and their loved ones face. This includes physical comfort, emotional support, mental preparedness, and the sense of everlasting hope that can be found through embracing one's spirituality. The bond between our pets has aided our patients in facing and dealing with many aspects of dying. The animal/human bond is unconditional. With that bond comes a freedom or empowerment for patients to be able to peacefully and comfortably discuss and resolve issues. During this time their pet or Volunteer Pet sits comfortably on their lap or at the bedside.

    Pet Therapy
  • Legacy Program

    Story Teller...

    Each person has a story to tell. Physician’s Choice Hospice can help you tell your life story on video. Now your story will be treasured and watched for generations.


    No one can tell your story better than you. Physician’s Choice Hospice can record your memories of growing up, the telling of the big and small events that you have experienced during your lifetime. With help from our Team your memories can be preserved forever.


    Your family and friends will hear your stories and memories as only you can tell them. Memories fade, no matter how young or old you may be. This gift will preserve your precious Legacy on video!

    For each legacy video we create a personalized DVD box and video graphics featuring images and information about you within a one-of-a-kind design. This helps ensure that the video is watched by all the family.

    Physician’s Choice Hospice is proud to be a part of recording YOUR LEGACY!!!

    Legacy Program