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Physician’s Choice Hospice helped care for Sarah Mehan’s grandmother for about a year. Sarah honored us by sharing some of her experience in this video.


Our Philosophy

The Hospice Philosophy is an important one which respects the rights of each patient and their family, while striving to achieve excellence in its set objectives. We provide outstanding patient care, including pain and symptom management, as well as spiritual and emotional support to patients and their family.


Your care is our priority, our Registered Nurses are available 24/7 to make home visits, order mobile labs, mobile x-rays, medications, and equipment, under the direction of our Medical Directors (Physicians). We can have diagnostic tests run right in our patients home via mobile x-ray and/or mobile laboratory companies we use. The physician can interpret those results, order medication if needed, all within hours in some cases, without our patient ever having to leave their home. Your RN Case Manager will also be the liaison between Physician, family, and the other team members, ensuring continuity of care and communication. Home Health Aides will be making multiple visits weekly to help with all aspects of personal care, bathing, hair care, skin care etc. Every patient has access to our full-time social workers and chaplains as well. It is our priority to do everything we can to anticipate and meet needs of our patient.