Our Services

Physician’s Choice Hospice (PCH) offers specialized services that are based on the needs of a patient and to enhance the patient experience. There are standard services that we provide to all patients that include the following:

  • A minimum of 5 nurse/aide visits per week, customized according to patient need/desire

  • Covered costs and ordering of most medications

  • Covered costs of medical equipment, bed, wheelchair, shower chair, table etc. as ordered by Nurse.

  • Covered costs and delivery of all products associated with incontinence, briefs, cream, bed pads, gloves

  • Patient showering and grooming is taken care of by our Nurse Aides

  • Bi-weekly meeting with Physician to discuss patient status and/or changes

  • Ongoing communication with family

  • On Call Nurses available 24/7

  • Pet therapy, music therapy, massage therapy

  • Visits from PCH Chaplains and Social Workers

  • Pain Management

  • Respite services for caregiver time off

  • Symptom control

  • Comfort Care- we provide a 'sitter’ at the patient’s bedside 24/7 when a patient is actively passing to relieve family

  • Bereavement Services


The word ‘Hospice’ is usually associated with end of life care, and we do help patients and families during end stage illness. There are hospice patients that receive hospice services for several months or even years.

Hospice is funded 100% by Medicare or Private Insurance. PCH does not bill the patient or family for the services we provide.

Hospice services may include anything from providing medical services and equipment to transportation, daily activity assistance, dietary counseling, emotional support, bereavement counseling and much more when needed by patient and family.

We’ve learned at the end of the day, even with all the medical expertise and technology at our disposal for patient care, it is the relationships between staff and patients that have the most profound impact. A kind word of encouragement, a hug, a sincere interest in how the patient is feeling, these are the most healing moments, and they truly matter.