Specialized Programs


Physician’s Choice Hospice (PCH) knows that there are many ways to care for individuals with terminal illnesses, in addition to the important medical attention we provide. For that reason, we offer Specialized Programs that focus on helping patients and family day to day. These programs are designed for many reasons including pain management, ease of anxiety, human connections, but mostly they simply brighten the day or our patients.

Bridge program

The Bridge Program is an option for terminally ill patients who need skilled symptom management, but are not yet ready emotionally for hospice, or who do not meet the criteria for hospice. These patients often have life-limiting illness, but not quite at the point of giving up on curative treatment. The goals for The Bridge Program are to create a safe place for patients to explore life transition issues, provide a weekly assessment by our Nurse, look at additional viewpoints in considering treatment decisions, and get patients and families more comfortable with hospice care.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a patient-centered, non-invasive way to help alleviate pain and stress, ease one’s physical symptoms, enhance mood, stimulate memory recall, and often times to simply provide the opportunity for meaningful interaction. This can be done with music by our Harpist, a favorite soundtrack on a CD, or one of our Chaplains playing the guitar. Music brings us a sense of comfort, completeness and wholeness through all phases of life.

Butterfly Wishes

Physician’s Choice Hospice takes patient care (and contentment) one step further, with a program that provides small wishes to help brighten their day. This program is called ‘Butterfly Wishes’… wishes with wings.  It is surprising that most of the ‘Butterfly Wishes’ are the most simple things. A clock on the wall, a birthday cake, a soft robe, cozy slippers, even new reading glasses can make someone’s day. We have even had the pleasure of hosting a few wedding anniversary dinners for patients and their spouse as a butterfly wish. PCH staff and volunteers oversee the ‘Butterfly Wishes’ program. They will help coordinate the event or a purchase that may bring a smile to a patient’s face. Once a request is made or a need is perceived, we are very glad to make it happen.

Bereavement Program

PCH views the grief and mourning of family and friends as a very natural part of the life experience. Our Bereavement Support Program offers surviving family members and friends a chance to begin to understand their grief and ways to cope. When a loved one passes, for many people experiencing grief, it is just the beginning. We encourage the expression of grief and support to families for a minimum of 13 months following a death. 'Wings of Love Butterfly Release’ is an annual celebration of life, where grieving families can release a live butterfly in memory of their loved one. Physician’s Choice Hospice believes that walking through grief can be a journey that families don't have to take alone.

Massage Therapy

Human touch is very powerful, this is the reason Physician’s Choice Hospice offers Massage Therapy. Massage can create a rise in blood pressure of people in a deep coma, penetrate the nonverbal state of late stage Alzheimer’s patients, or just ease a patient’s aching pain for a while.   It is a very nurturing and recognized alternative treatment for pain management. Our Massage Therapist specializes in Geriatric Massage and has many years of experience with hospice patients and their unique needs.  

Pet THerapy

The therapeutic use of pets in medical circles has gained increasing attention in recent years for good reason. Animals provide a constant source of comfort, they bring out the best in us. A dog’s wagging tail and big ‘dog smile’ can actually ease pain according to research. Animals can make people feel appreciated, and that ‘feeling’ can transcend into very positive physical improvements for patients.

Physician’s Choice Hospice Pet Therapy Program is for all hospice patients. Our Team and their Volunteer Pet Therapy animals visit patients in their own homes, or assisted living and care facilities. We see such a difference in our patients when our Pet Volunteers visit. The bond between people and pets goes beyond understanding, but we do know it often helps our patients in ways that make us want to offer pet therapy as often as possible.

Legacy Program

Each person has a story to tell, and Physician’s Choice Hospice will help you tell your life story on video, this is known as our Legacy Program. Our Videographer will come to the patient’s home/facility and take a video of them talking about life memories, a funny family story, or whatever is on their mind. If family or friends would like to join them in the video, even better.

For each Legacy Video we create a personalized DVD box and video graphics featuring images and information with a one-of-a-kind design. The video often becomes a family keepsake, a way to go back and listen to your loved one, hear their voice, and enjoy their story time and again. Physician’s Choice Hospice is proud to offer the Legacy Video Program at no cost to the patient or family.